Penn Fusion Soccer Academy (PFSA)

Team Formation Player Commitment Policy 

1.    During the tryout process players/families will receive an invitation to join a specific PFSA team via email, which will be sent by the team Head Coach or Director of Coaching/Technical Director. PFSA will only be using the email address that the player/family used to register for tryouts.

2.    Upon receiving the team invitation email, players/families have a period of 24 hours to accept the roster spot. To confirm the roster spot players/families must respond via email to the Head Coach or Director of Coaching/Technical Director. 

3.    After the team selection process is finalized, players will receive a team confirmation email which will list the final roster. The email will include registration & payment information; families will then have 48 hours to complete the registration process and to submit payment for the club registration fee. Failure to successfully process payment will result in PFSA renouncing the roster spot offer.   

*Families with specific financial/payment needs must proactively communicate with the Directors of Coaching/Technical Directors.


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