Mary C. Zandi

A donation to the West Chester United/Penn Fusion Soccer Academy Mary Zandi scholarship fund is an extra special kind of gift.  It is a contribution that provides a child with the opportunity to learn and play the beautiful game we all love so much.  Your generosity provides opportunities for children to join a Recreation team or a Travel team and become part of the West Chester United/Penn Fusion Soccer Academy family.  Through an application process, a committee is able to award limited scholarships to qualifying individuals.  We would like to expand this program so we can award more scholarships to an increased number of deserving applicants but we cannot do it without you.  Please help us spread the love for the beautiful game.


“I would like to thank you and all of those who have helped us and are still helping us. We are really grateful.” 

 ”I am humbled to be considered for this assist and am extremely grateful for the scholarship.”

“Thank you so much for your support.”

“Thank you so much for the scholarship.  It has helped me so much over the past year not only with training but also with my college search.  I just signed by letter of intent and can’t wait to play soccer in college”

“Thank you so much for everything you do for me.”

“Thank you for everything.  I wouldn’t be here without your help.”


Player’s grades improving

No longer making bad choices

Learning to navigate the college scene

Learning to be a leader

Players grow and develop as honorable young men and women

Becoming the first to graduate from college in their family

Giving back to the club that gave them the opportunity to play the beautiful game


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Premier Orthopaedics