NOTE: Indoor Winter Sessions for the Overtime Training will begin the week of January 7th, 2019. Scheduling software will be updated in the next few weeks so that you can start to schedule your Winter training sessions!                                                                                     


The OverTime Training Program creates a platform for players both insdie and outside of the club to aspire towards excellence in a more individualized setting through increased repetition and individual attention. 


Birth year Age Groups: 2011's-2000's (Players MUST bring their own soccer ball to their sessions) 


Level of Play: The OT Training Program is open to all Elite, Premier, Travel, and Recreational Players


What Players Need to Bring:

- Their own soccer ball

- Water 

- Shinguards

- Appropiate soccer footwear (Cleats for outdoors, flats for indoors/court surfaces) 




OverTime Training Philosophy: 

  • To give our players another platform that inspires excellence through a more individualized and small group environment
  • To further enhance player development throughout the club
  • Give players the opportunity to have professional, structured training beyond practices and games. And to make that extra opportunity as convenient as possible. 

OverTime Training Structure: 

  • OverTime Training is divided into two categories. Private/small group and Classes. 
  • Sessions will be run by qualified PFSA professional staff trainers and coaches. 
  • Players from outside the club are eligible and encouraged to take part in this program

Private/small group training: 

  • Sessions are catered to the player or group and their development 
  • Players will receive exercises that they can perform on their own at home
  • Sessions will run for 60min


  • Each Class will focus on a specific aspect to the game (finishing, ball mastery, etc..) 
  • Players will be grouped based on age and ability 
  • Sessions will run for 60min




1) SESSION PACKAGES: If you purchase a package of 5 sessions (either indvidual or small group), you pay for all 5 sessions and then you schedule your 1st session of the 5. Remainder sessions will then be scheduled with an email to the program director requesting available date/times as well as a specific trainer. 


2) CLASSES: Each class will have mutliple sessions (once a week) over the course of multiple weeks. Dates for each session will be listed next to the class name. When purchasing a class you will only sign up for the 1st class session and then be automatically enrolled into all of the future sessions. 


3) SMALL GROUP SESSION: If you schedule a small group training session it will be assumed that you have organized the 2-4 players that will partake in the session. If you wish to schedule a session with more than 3 players, please contact the program director. 


4) RESCHEUDLING AND CANCELLING SESSIONS:  You have up until 48 hours to cancel and reschedule a session. Sessions may also be cancelled due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. An email must be sent to the program director and your OverTime trainer in order to sucessfully cancel. Once cancelled, you will then reschedule your session accordingly with your OverTime Trainer.  If a class session is cancelled. Thet time and date of the rescheuded session will be communicated to all participants. 


5) TRAINER SELECTION: At Penn Fusion we strongly recommend to all of our players to select a trainer who is NOT their current head coach. This will provide the best experience for the player and allow the player to develop and flourish in a more variety of ways. 

        Also when selecting a trainer please be mindful of the field location and what day of the week you would like your session to be on. Some field locations are only available on certain days.  (Field location and addresses are underneath each Trainer when scheudling)  



* If you have any questions Please contact the Program Director






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