Sept, 2012 - Penn Fusion ’98 Boys player, AIDEN MCFADDEN, returned to English Professional Club CREW ALEXANDRA to train at their renowned youth academy.  Aiden was first scouted during an EPL trip with his WCUSC Predators team in 2011.  Aiden shared the following excerpt on his most recent trip:

 "Last week I went back to Crewe Alexandra to train for the second time this year. I had five training sessions and played in two games, both against premiership opposition in West Brom.  First, I played with the U14’s.  It was an offensive shoot out that finished 6-5 favoring West Brom.  The second game I played, once more against West Brom, finished 2-1 them.  I played with the U15’s and West Brom is considered one of the best teams in the U.K. for this age.  It was a very physically demanding game and extremely fast paced.  I played both holding and attacking center mid and never could take more than three touches.  I learned valuable skills and gained even more respect for not only Crewe, but all of English football.  This was a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to go back and train again. I would like to thank Coach Alex, Dario and James for a wonderful week!" - A.McFadden



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